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Who Am I?

Bigfoot Researcher - William Jevning

About William Jevning.

William Jevning was a long time close friend and protege’ of world famous Sasquatch Hunter Rene’  Dahinden. I am a two time witness of Sasquatch encounters and veteran field researcher of these creatures. I am the author of “Notes From the Field, Tracking North America’s Sasquatch”, “Haunted Valley”, and “In Search of the Unknown”. My most recent project was as a participant on the History channel show “America’s Book of Secrets, The Mystery of Bigfoot”.

“Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but no one has a right to be wrong about the Facts. Without the facts, your opinion is of no value.”

Rene’ Dahinden.

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William Jevning

My involvement in the subject of the Sasquatch began in mid-December 1972. A friend and I came across dozens of footprints of three distinct individuals in the snow during a walk we were making to another of our friends home.

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Bigfoot Blog

The facts and stories pile up, and it can be hard sometimes to get to the best of those facts about the creature or hominid known as Bigfoot. Here in the blog, William and his group of researchers are bringing you those facts and the news you crave.

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Live Stream & Podcasts

Today’s seeker of news, facts and stories about Bigfoot need to look no further that the live stream and podcast series and sessions with William Jevning and the Jevning Research Group of the elusive Bigfoot. Catch the shows below.

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Bigfoot Sightings
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Nights Searching

Bigfoot Research Material And Information.

On The Hunt

The Bigfoot Blog

Blog updates and news with Bigfoot researcher, author and expert William Jevning and his team the Jevning Research Group.

Interviews And Stories

Here within the website and blog you will find a host of real stories and research from around the community here passionate about this subject.

Books And Other Media

From the books to the recorded Podcasts and live stream interviews, here you will get all the cool news and info from around the Bigfoot community here.

The Bigfoot Store

Yes, finally, T-shirts, books coffee mugs and everything you need for the Bigfoot enthusiast in your life. Get it all here from the researcher himself William!
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